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Montana is considered to have “reciprocity” with other states that license patients for medical marijuana use. In our experience, that means that if a person is currently licensed by another state, that person is also authorized to possess it and consume it in this state within the restrictions of our own laws. The catch – Montana does not border another state that currently authorizes medical marijuana use, so it is not legal to actually bring your own cannabis when visiting Big Sky Country.

Montana CannabisTM provides medical cannabis to authorized patients who are temporarily in our state and on a limited basis. We must verify with your state that you are current, and must see both your state-issued credentials (card) and a current state ID (driver’s license or other) before we can help. Generally we limit our availability to one transaction – sufficient for a typical visit to our state.

If you plan to be in the state as a resident, we expect you to apply for a Montana card and name us as your caregiver, and you are in the same queue as any Montana resident who is pending his or her card. Please be aware that this service is limited to use by temporary visitors to our state, and not by individuals (sometimes known as “snowbirds”) who split their year between Montana and another state. If you want to be a regular customer, please get a state card. Call us toll free at 877-458-0888 for more info.

We reserve the right refuse service to anyone, should we feel it is in our (or your) best interest to do so.