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Step 1
Be a resident, and have a qualifying medical condition (in the statute, it is referred to as a “debilitating medical condition”). Montana law establishes what health conditions qualify, and you can read the law here. Some conditions include cancer, glaucoma, or by testing positive for the presence of HIV or AIDS, or having a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition (or its treatment) that results in severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, wasting syndrome, seizures, or muscle spasms.

Step 2
Meet with a doctor who acknowledges your condition, and recommends cannabis to treat your condition or its symptoms. He or she must specifically state (within the text of the form the doctor signs) that cannabis may be used to treat a qualifying condition, and its benefits outweigh its risks. This doctor can be your own regular physician, or another doctor licensed in Montana – and in fact some doctor’s offices around the state specialize in these types of recommendations. The physician must sign a State-created form called the Attending Physician’s Statement. Costs vary from office to office. A list of offices that have authorized us to publish their names is here.

Step 3
Fill out an Application, also provided by the State of Montana, available here. List a caregiver from Montana CannabisTM on your application and forward it to us, or pick another caregiver and have that person fill it out and sign it. Or you can even leave that portion of the application blank and settle on a caregiver later (although a significant delay in the process will follow). You are “legal” as a patient whether or not you have a designated caregiver, so long as you have your card.

Step 4
Send the Physician’s Statement, the Application, and a check for $50 to the State to:
PO BOX 202953
Helena, MT 59620-2953

Going there yourself to speed things up will not help. Many others have tried and gotten nowhere, so get over it. You might send it certified mail and get a receipt back, or at least get a copy of your cancelled check. Montana CannabisTM will send in your forms for you and have the certified mail receipt sent to you.

Step 5
Wait, and don’t call DPHHS for at least 4 weeks. It can take longer than that to receive your card, although it does vary from patient to patient.

Step 6
Get your card in the mail! Frame your letter and call your friends. It’s good for one year, so you will need to see your doctor for another recommendation before it expires in a year.

Step 7
Place your order with Montana CannabisTM on our toll free customer service line for cannabis, bubble hash, elixir, or butter, or otherwise with another caregiver for whatever products you have arranged.