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It is very easy to appoint a caregiver, and very hard to change.  There are many good (and bad) caregivers around the state – many small, some large.  The best way to find a good one is to talk to other patients about who they like.  A not-for-profit group called Patients & Families United represents the interests of patients in Montana, and is an excellent source for “who’s who” around the state.

The State-created patient application (.pdf) contains a section to name one, giving someone besides you the right to grow cannabis on your behalf, and provide cannabis to you as you and that person are able to arrange.  
Our patient-applicants send us their application and their check to the state.  We fill out our portion and your caregiver (a partner or employee of Montana Cannabis) signs the form.  We send you a final copy of the application, and a the certified-mail receipt to the State is sent directly to you by the postal service.     
You will receive a patient card from the State that lists your Montana Cannabis caregiver on the back, authorizing you to be in possession of and use cannabis and cannabis products.  It also allows us to make such products available to you.  Your Montana Cannabis caregiver receives an identical card, and should we receive our card before we hear from you, we will notify you immediately.